The Park Hill Residents’ Association (PHRA) aims to improve the quality of life for everyone at Park Hill. We are a volunteer organisation run by (and for) residents. It follows a constitution and comprises a Committee and a number of special interest Working Groups and social groups.

Residents are encouraged to participate in PHRA activities, to become involved in the working groups or to start new ones if you believe that there’s room for improvement at Park Hill and you would like to lead the change.

We have run social events for residents including Summer and Christmas parties, as well as personal development opportunities such as yoga classes, gym memberships and creative writing workshops.

To find out more about the PHRA, the active Working Groups and the rules for their operation, please see our wiki.


A new committee is elected at each Annual General Meeting (AGM). The current PHRA committee comprises the following officers:







Working Groups

Residents with particular skills and interests have formed several working groups that deal with specific aspects of the Estate. Those currently active are listed below.

Green Group

Objective: To improve the environmental sustainability of the Estate.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 Working Groups

Objective: To ensure that living at Park Hill remains affordable and that the Estate maintains its design integrity.

Communications Group

Objective: To improve the flow of information between residents, PHRA and others via this website, our wiki, our social media and other communication mediums.

How to get involved

Being part of a working group is a great way to meet your neighbours, develop new friendships and interests, and to make a positive contribution to the Park Hill community.

You can contact any of the working groups using our contact form or directly by email. If you have an idea for a new working group, then just get in touch with any member of the PHRA Committee. They’d love to speak with you!


The PHRA constitution requires an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be called once every 15 months. PHRA and its Working Groups may also hold meetings on specific topics throughout the year. You can download agendas, minutes and associated reports below.

2018 AGM04/10/2018Downloadn/aDownload
2019 AGM28/11/2019Downloadn/aDownload
2020 AGM25/11/2020DownloadDownloadDownload
2021 AGM30/11/2021DownloadDownloadDownload
2022 AGM05/12/2022DownloadDownloadDownload
2024 AGM26/02/2024DownloadDownloadTo follow