We receive numerous requests from students to help connect with residents for their projects and research. While we do not want to discourage your interest in Park Hill we ask that you consider the following.

‘Park Hill Fatigue’ is a phenomenon that has been identified and written about – we strongly recommend anyone thinking about undertaking qualitative research at Park Hill first have a read of chapter 6 of this recent thesis.


Do not expect large numbers of responses.  Be prepared to be flexible in your methodology should you not get the number of responses you need. Surveys are likely to get a greater response than interviews.

Remember you are asking residents to give their valuable time.  Therefore unique and interesting subjects with a particular focus will be better received.  Even better, research that demonstrates a benefit to the participants and Park Hill.  While only covering recent years, we invite you to search our Facebook page for posts mentioning ‘student’ and ‘research’ to get an idea of the subjects people have already approached us about.


We can only help with current residents and most have only moved here post redevelopment.  If you wish to communicate with residents from prior to the redevelopment, while there are current residents that meet that criteria, you may also wish to get in touch with the Facebook group for residents from that period.


We also request that you provide us with a copy of your work at its conclusion so we can share with our community (and especially those who contributed).

Group visits

We understand the interest in educational visits to Park Hill as it is an important architectural site.  But first and foremost it is our home.  There have occasionally been instances where large groups of students have been disruptive.

If you are planning on visiting with a large group, we ask that you ensure there is suitable supervision and behaviour does not cause disruption to residents or damage to the estate.  If possible, consider splitting into smaller groups so as not overwhelm any one part of the estate. Consider getting in touch with us out of courtesy to advise of your visit so we forewarn residents.

If you require a guided tour, these can be arranged on request by contacting tours@parkhillpeople.org.