About Park Hill

Park Hill is a Grade II* listed building in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Built between 1957 and 1961, Park Hill attracts considerable architectural and social history interest. Following a period of decline and neglect, Park Hill is currently undergoing a striking redevelopment and entering a new phase in its history. Renovated, reimagined and reborn as a 21st Century urban community, Park Hill still radiates the enthusiasm and optimism of its original residents and visionary architects. #LoveParkHill

“We Were Never Derelict” a short film by artist/photographer Martin Gray.
Space, Time and Streets in the Sky

An immersive experience which provides  an opportunity to see Sheffield’s ‘Streets in the Sky’ for themselves and hear real-life stories of those that live there. 

A collaboration between Human and the University of York, commissioned by XR Stories

About this website

This website is developed and managed by the Park Hill Residents’ Association (PHRA) as part of its community engagement and development work.

This site is hosted and supported by Webarchitects, a Sheffield-based, small and friendly, multi-stakeholder co-operative which has been providing ethical and green, web hosting, and other services for over 20 years.

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Image credits

The background aerial photograph of Park Hill is used with the kind permission of Urban Splash.

All other images are provided by the community of Park Hill or are subject to a free-to-use, or Creative Commons licence. Image credits are displayed wherever possible. If you are the copyright holder and feel that we have used your image inappropriately, then please contact us and we will remedy this immediately.


PHRA wishes to thank the following people and organisations for their support in delivering this Web site and for helping us to build our community at Park Hill.

  • Surriya Falconer at Falconer Associates for connecting people in the best ways.
  • Linda and Kim and the Friends of Sheaf Valley Park for reminding us that there was a community at Park Hill long before the building was built and for welcoming us into it.
  • Rachel and Tim and the team at South Street Kitchen for bringing culture, fine food and the best coffee to Park Hill.
  • David Lewus for being the social, professional and affable local face of Urban Splash.
  • Jim Martin and the on-site team for keeping our home running smoothly in a thousand invisible ways.
  • Every PHRA Committee member, past and present, for donating your time and energy for the greater good (“The Greater Good“).
  • Finally, thanks to everyone who has chosen to live or work at Park Hill. This really is the best place in Sheffield, isn’t it?

Want to help?

If you would like to contribute content or help with the continued development of this website, please get in touch with us. We would particularly like to hear from residents with skills in web and graphic design, copywriting, editing and social media.