Park Hill Newsletter - 2021 Annual General Meeting
Park Hill Residents' Association

Park Hill Residents' Association

2021 Annual General Meeting

Photo Credit: y14087 Park Hill Flats: Meeting in the Club

This years Park Hill Residents’ Association (PHRA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in the Skyline Suite at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre on Tuesday 30th November 2021.

This special newsletter includes the agenda for the evening, a link to download annual reports and details about the election of new office bearers (and how you can submit an expression of interest).


Doors (18:00)

Refreshments will be provided

1. Welcome (18:30 - 18:35)

Laura C.

2. Update from Working Groups and Questions (18:35 - 18:50)

Sam G., Victoria W., Johann N.

3. Chair Report and Questions (18:50 - 18:55)

Ernest E.

4. Treasurers Report and Questions (18:55 - 19:00)

Jonathan K.

5. Park Hill Pavilion update from S1 Artspace (19:00 - 19:15)

Louise H.

6. Resident oversight of Phase 1 services (19:15 - 19:35)

This will cover the appointment of the managing agent and agreement of work to done and monitoring of its quality.

Ernest E.

7. Election of office bearers (19:35 - 19:45)

Ernest E.

8. Any other business

Meeting close

Annual Reports

Annual Reports by the Chair, Treasurer and active Working Groups are available ahead of the meeting for you to download and read from here.

Election of office bearers

As required by our constitution, all members of the committee shall retire. Therefore all positions on the committee will be vacant and open for election at the AGM. Please see below for role profiles.

Expressions of Interest

If you are interested in nominating for any named Committee position, then please send an email to that includes your name, contact details, how long you've been a resident at Park Hill and a short statement about why you'd like to be on the Committee.

Expressions of interest are also permissible at the AGM.

Committee members are selected, if necessary, based on show of hands at the AGM.

Role Profiles

The Chair is the main representative of PHRA and will typically be asked to engage with various stakeholders (e.g. with Plumlife or Urban Splash), in addition to chairing PHRA General and Committee meetings. The Chair also can delegate responsibilities as necessary to other Committee members, working group participants or other residents. A good Chair has leadership, diplomatic and communication skills, and should listen more than they speak. They are key to maintaining good stakeholder relationships and for coordinating the activities of the various working groups.

The Treasurer handles all financial matters and maintains all financial records of PHRA. They present financial reports at General, Committee and other meetings. A Treasurer is good with figures, banking processes, budgeting and forecasting, and knows their way around a spreadsheet. PHRA has good financial controls and a decent online banking system .

The Secretary is responsible for the recording of Minutes and other notes at General, Committee and some other meetings. They will typically look after day-to-day correspondence for PHRA, responding to email enquiries (very low volume) and putting residents in touch with resources appropriate to their needs. A good Secretary has an eye for detail, a fondness for process and is conversant with both technology and communication .

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